Our history in Northwest Florida

Northwest Florida Recovery, Inc.- Where it all started

Company History and Business Profile of Northwest Florida Recovery, Inc.

Northwest Florida Recovery, Inc. is proud of its history over the past 20 plus years as it has become a regional repossession leader and a nationwide broker with a reputation for professionalism and excellence.

Originally founded as part of "The Collection/ Credit Bureau of Fort Walton Beach" in 1973, Northwest Florida Recovery became incorporated in 1987 as a separate entity when the State of Florida required repossession companies to be regulated. In 1994 Northwest Florida outgrew its office space at the Collection Bureau and moved to the two-acre faculty that our corporate offices now occupy.

As Recovery Agents we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of

professionalism in the recovery industry. We use the most modern equipment available, have a highly skilled and trained staff, and maintain insurance coverage that far exceeds the minimum state requirements, all to reduce the liability for our clients. We provide fast, efficient, and reliable service for our clients, while ensuring collateral is recovered damage free. We believe that our service is the best that can be found, and our motto is, "It's not just your collateral, it's your reputation."

In 2017, at the request of many of our repossession clients, Northwest Florida Towing, Inc. was established. It provides towing to governmental, private and the public sector.


Northwest Florida Towing Inc. is dedicated to the recovery of collateral- quickly, safely and efficiently- using the most modern equipment, years of experience, and a professional attitude. Our goal is to be the premiere agency in the industry, setting the highest standards in professional conduct, reduced liability for our clients, and most of all, customer satisfaction.